30+ Exciting Kratos Illustration Artworks

If you are a video game fan then you will definitely know the famous protagonist character of game God of War. It is a fictional character that is based on the mythology of Greek. The Kratos is a successful fighting character in the game that becomes very famous and its popularity leads towards the development of five more games. It plays a protagonist character in its comic series and novel the God of War.

There are many adventurous attempts and disastrous effects that simply change the Kratos fate. He is portrayed as blind to everyone in the killing of his enemies. He is also engaged in morally enigmatic activities and plays a part into the extreme violence. Kratos is the one of the most identified characters in the play station brand. It is known as a video game icon that receives positive criticism.

The character was introduced by Sony computer entertainment and has not yet entered in the television and big screen but has established a great name in gaming industry. Here we are going to share some great artwork of Kratos by the awesome artists. It’s a very inspirational compilation of God like Kratos artwork that motivates the feelings of all designers who love creativity and popular characters. Hope you will enjoy them.

1. Kratos

2. Kratos

3. Kratos Sculpture

4. Kratos

5. Kratos

6. Kratos Sculpture

7. Kratos

8. Kratos Painting

9. Kratos

10. Kratos

11. Kratos

12. Kratos

13. God of War

14. Draw Kratos

15. Kratos

16. Kratos Mortal Kombat

17. Kratos

18. Kratos

19. Kratos

20. Kratos – Fists of Fury

21. Kratos Vs Spawn

22. Kratos

23. Kratos

24. Kratos Cosplay

25. Kratos

26. Kratos Dominus Costume

27. God of War III- Kratos

28. Kratos

29. Kratos Fan Art

30. Kratos

31. Kratos – God Of War

32. Kratos

33. Kratos

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