30+ Free Web Analytics Tools for Tracking Visitors

The process of gathering and analyzing the web content data in order to get meaningful information about the site is Web Analytics. It is the measurement, collection and analysis that report the internet data for understanding and optimizing the use of web. It is just not a tool that measures the traffic of website but can be used for business and market research. The application is also helpful in measuring the results of traditional print advertising campaigns. It provides data to number of visitors, to the page viewers etc to increase the popularity of sites that will help to do market research.

It’s really very important to track the readers and visitors through various web analytics and tracking tools. The reason behind is that the more you know your customer the more better services you can offer. It is very useful in blogging and you can easily chase the visitors to your blogs.

Here today we are going to discuss some excellent and free web analytics tools that help a lot in gathering and analyzing the data for your web content. This is a very helpful tool for those who own a website or run a blog. We are only sharing tools that are free of cost and provide website analytics. Just check out these tools that help you with the valuable data while analyzing your website traffic. Here are some famous and accurate web analytics tools.

1. Google.com/analytics

2. Web.analytics.yahoo.com

3. Goingup.com

4. Clicky.com

5. W3counter.com

6. Shinystat.com

7. 4qsurvey.com

8. Sitemeter.com

9. Piwik.org

10. Woopra.com

11. Churchanalytics.com

12. Openwebanalytics.com

13. Etracker.com

14. Gostats.com

15. Web-stat.net

16. Jawstats.com

17. Reinvigorate.net

18. Kissmetrics.com

19. Mouseflow.com

20. Crazyegg.com

21. Webstat.com

22. Aboutanalytics.com

23. Haveamint.com

24. Chartbeat.com

25. Webalizer.org

26. Onestatfree.com

27. Pmetrics.performancing.com

28. Springmetrics.com

29. Tracewatch.com

30. Mochibot.com

31. Usertesting.com

32. Cloudflare.com

33. Awstats.sourceforge.net

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