30+ Inspiring Twitter Backgrounds You Will Like

Twitter is the most common visited social sites that help to catch friend’s updates and status or even follow the people who share the same interest like yours. For this reason an attractive profile is very necessary in order to add more followers on twitter.

Due to the increase popularity of twitter there are many companies and larger organizations that have actually turned their twitter page into more attractive look in order to generate revenue by getting more and more tweets by its bulk of following audience. In the theme designs of twitter designers are bounded to change only few colors and background that actually limits the creativity of the designers. Some designers give a high impact to these beautiful designs even within the restrictions.

It’s quite that everyone wants their twitter page to look more refined, attractive and awesome. It’s actually a very important tool besides having more and more tweets. People are trying to customize many things on their accounts including the profile wallpaper. Furthermore by removing the typical old background it would probably help to attract more followers and it also showcased that you are an active user. It is another place where the designers can take advantage on the web by adding their design skills. Here are some coolest examples of twitter backgrounds or page designs that give inspirational effect and add style to the user’s profile.

1. Valentines Day

2. Fresh Fruits

3. Justin Bieber

4. Hot Air Balloon

5. Italy

6. Lady Gaga

7. Flower Patterns

8. London

9. Pumping Hearts

10. Valentines Day

11. Saint Patricks Day

12. Easter Eggs

13. Fast Five

14. Happy New Year

15. Happy Holidays Gifts

16. Brick Wall

17. Transformers

18. Christmas Celebration

19. Thanksgiving Turkey

20. Sucker Punch

21. Beach Water

22. Valentinesday

23. Happy Easter

24. Snow On Trees

25. Music Notes

26. Hideous Howl

27. Twilight Saga Kristen Stewart

28. Fourth of July

29. Miley Cyrus

30. Colorful

31. Toronto

32. Rusted Cans

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