30+ Most Popular Google Chrome Extensions

Google chrome is the most simple and fastest web browser that is becoming very popular day by day and has released many extensions since its development that have been designed by many developers around the world. The Google chrome extension is a lightweight program that adds many useful features and functions to your web browser. There are many extensible categories that you will find in Google chrome gallery that are essential for blogging, shopping, sharing, sports, web design and development.

There is a great competition going on between many companies like Google, Mozilla, Apple and Microsoft to speed up the user browser experience that soon become the litmus test to any web browser. The developers of the browsers simply take this into account that makes it simply easy to customize the browsing experience in order to meet the specific desires. And for this Google chrome extensions come across. It would be tough to switch Google chrome if you are a Firefox user. Google chrome has many useful extensions that are worth to check.

There are many fresh and handy extensions to grasp the users to gain attention. Chrome has developed much to get the things easily done. There are many plenty of reasons to use chrome and it provides great extensions while visiting websites, for fast extensions addition, less memory usage and many others that jump to Chrome instead of Mozilla Firefox.

We have gone through many excellent Google chrome extensions and pick the best one to be installed in the web browser. These all extensions are taken from the Chrome gallery that is unique and even more productive. Just check out these and select your favorite extension. These Google chrome extensions are very simple to install and uninstall if they don’t suits the requirement. These are the most popular Google chrome extensions so far.

1. YouTube

2. Entanglement

3. Angry Birds

4. Poppit

5. SKiD Racer

6. Bastion

7. Stunt Dirt Bike

8. Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliance

9. From Dust

10. Plants vs Zombies

11. Webcam Toy

12. Picasa

13. Bejeweled

14. Cut the Rope

15. Autodesk Homestyler

16. My Chrome Theme

17. Psykopaint

18. Cargo Bridge

19. Full Screen Weather

20. The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2

21. WGT Golf Challenge

22. Monster Dash

23. Facebook Colour Changer

24. Crazy Rollercoaster

25. Uno

26. Desprotetor de Links

27. BeFunky Photo Editor

28. The Godfather: Five Families

29. Springpad

30. Lord of Ultima

31. Marvel Comics

32. Fieldrunners

33. Turn Off the Lights

34. Plants vs Zombies


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