30+ Spectacular Outdoor Pool Designs

Swimming pools are a luxurious addition in homes that is now becoming very common. It gives a relax feeling and restful thoughts after a long and busy day. There are many types of pool designs that can be adjusted according to the space in the house. Designing pool is getting popular and lots of different types of updates coming even in designing pools.

Pool is made of many different materials like metal, plastic, fiberglass above or in the ground. Most swimming pools are built in different range of sizes and shapes, they are often designed with a shallow end to learn and play for kids and having deep ends for doing stunts, diving board or sliding and swimming deep under water.

Swimming is the favorite hobby and the first choice for most people in summer. Many people go for swimming on daily basis by managing the time from their daily work. It is a very good exercise for all age groups of people. Adding a swimming pool to your garden or at the background is a great asset for your home and property.

Summer has not yet been fully over and the heat continues to warm up the houses. Want to sit at the pool side to lower down the temperature but the pools are not designed in a way to resist for sitting. Here we have shared some spectacular outdoor pool designs that are a wonderful addition to a restful home. Check out these cool and amazing personalized designs of swimming that can easily be installed in your homes. Whatever type of house you are wondering there must be a one perfect pool.

1. Pool Environments, Inc.

2. Jauregui Architecture Interiors Construction

3. Vanguard Studio Inc.

4. Tate Studio Architects

5. Shehan Pools

6. Distinguished Pools

7. RWA Architects

8. Dumican Mosey Architects

9. Kemp Hall Studio

10. Pekarek Crandell Architects

11. Torre Construction & Development

12. Modern Pool

13. Da Vida Pools, LLC

14. Bella Luna Services, Inc.

15. MW Johnson Photography

16. Vita Nova Mosaic, Inc.

17. Brayton Hughes Design Studios

18. The Garden Route Company

19. Cornerstone Architects

20. The Fechtel Company

21. Lewis / Schoeplein Architects

22. Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

23. K West Images, Interior and Garden Photography

24. Fulcrum Structural Engineering

25. Fluid Dynamics Pool and Spa Inc.

26. MJM Design Group, Inc.

27. Eva Hinds

28. John McDonald Co.

29. Landscape Techniques Inc

30. Land & Water Design

31. Falling Water Custom Pools, Inc.

32. Lewis Aquatech

33. Rossington Architecture

34. Milieu Design

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