30+ Top Valuable Official Google Blogs

Google is a multinational corporation company that is based in America. It deals with the internet related products and assistance, software and advertising technologies. Whether it’s a launch of any cool amazing feature or any latest news on Google, blogs plays a very valuable role in this regard by delivering latest information within seconds on the web. The blogs cover many topics like any new energy policy, product updates, challenges to the developers, code snippets and information to the advertisers and partners. There are many tips, tools and techniques for creating blogs that helps to grow your business.

The officially designed blogs of Google are the self serving sites that are dedicated to improve the scoring of multi-billion dollar company. The companies have been rated on the search engines that can run on every body’s computer and there are many helpful tips provided in the blog to learn more about it. It has never been easy to share information, things like of any promotion schedules, store layouts and any other updates quickly and efficiently. The blogs provide information to integrate the headlines from Google news onto your web page. It presents Google maps to help you in finding the local hotels, restaurants and anything of your interest and entertainment while sending the information to your mobile phone. Just have a look at these great official Google blogs.

1. Google Ads Developers Blog

2. Google Agency Blog

3. Android Official Blog

4. Android Developers Blog

5. Google App Engine Blog

6. Google Apps Blog

7. Google CPG Blog

8. Google Custom Search Blog

9. Data Liberation Blog

10. Google Affiliate Network Blog

11. Google Analytics Blog

12. Google App Developer Blog

13. Google Chrome Blog

14. Google Developers Blog

15. Google Maps Blog

16. Google News Blog

17. Google Community Blog

18. Google Scholar Blog

19. Google Sites Blog

20. Google Talk Blog

21. Google Translate Blog

22. Google Web Font Blog

23. Google Webmaster Central Blog

24. Google+ Developers Blog

25. Google Green Blog

26. Google Inside Adsense Blog

27. Google Inside Adwords Blog

28. Google Inside Search Blog

29. Google Play Magnifier Blog

30. Google Mobile Ads Blog

31. Google Gmail Blog

32. Google Photos Blog

33. Google Reader Blog

34. Google Website Optimizer Blog

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