30+ Wonderful Examples of Apple Logo Designs

Practicing a good logo design is not an easy job as these are very essential for the success of any business. The logo design requires the knowledge of the business and how to use these in the process of logo design. The logo must be relevant, timeless and aligned with the product and strategies and the services that are been offered.

Apple is the most outstanding brand today that has gained a marvelous position after crossing many different hurdles. Apple started of its brand positioning through its logo that have first been designed by Jobs and Wayne. The logo was created by taking the idea of Newton and soon the picture of Apple simplifies the logo and it turned to be a great idea. With the launch of many new Apple products the company keeps on changing the logo and today the Apple represents a nice gradient silver chrome design.

Have you ever wonder about the evolutionary changes being done in the logos? A logo is a graphical representation that represents the organization or enterprises. Different experiments have been done with the logo design of Apple and then the logo was given the shape of churning out sleek and cutting edge products. The great variety of logos provides flexibility when it comes to the branding of the products.

Steve job is always in search for changing the things with the new ones especially the company has been recognized most by its logo design. Experimenting with the logos makes the Apple Company more prominent. The shape of the Apple logo is universally recognized with many changes being done in the color scheme of the logo. There are many rainbow colored, monochrome styled logos in many different sizes that can easily be placed on many different products in all places. The Apple keeps on changing the logo again but one thing will undoubtedly remain same is the shape of the logo itself.

Below presented are very popular Apple logos that have been seen on advertising banners, televisions and somewhere in the ads on magazine.

1. Apple Logo Design – 1

2. Apple Logo Design – 2

3. Apple Logo Design – 3

4. Apple Logo Design – 4

5. Apple Logo Design – 5

6. Apple Logo Design – 6

7. Apple Logo Design – 7

8. Apple Logo Design – 8

9. Apple Logo Design – 9

10. Apple Logo Design – 10

11. Apple Logo Design – 11

12. Apple Logo Design – 12

13. Apple Logo Design – 13

14. Apple Logo Design – 14

15. Apple Logo Design – 15

16. Apple Logo Design – 16

17. Apple Logo Design – 17

18. Apple Logo Design – 18

19. Apple Logo Design – 19

20. Apple Logo Design – 20

21. Apple Logo Design – 21

22. Apple Logo Design – 22

23. Apple Logo Design – 23

24. Apple Logo Design – 24

25. Apple Logo Design – 25

26. Apple Logo Design – 26

27. Apple Logo Design – 27

28. Apple Logo Design – 28

29. Apple Logo Design – 29

30. Apple Logo Design – 30

31. Apple Logo Design – 31

32. Apple Logo Design – 32

33. Apple Logo Design – 33

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