35+ Creative Examples of Stone Textures

Textures are mostly used in web designing as it gives a roughness and crispness to the background of any image to give it a catchy look. One of the most important component of designing is texture and the great thing about it is that it can be found anywhere like in streets, towns or homes. Textures are very useful in web designing and graphic art. Textures are greatly used to enhance the look and feel of the whole design. There are many unique surface textures that give the appearance of natural stones.

In stone textures there is lot of varieties from dark textures to white textures reflecting different stones like marble etc. The stone texture is very popularly used in the present times of web. The stone textures can easily be identified through web that helps to decide the required material for any constructive purpose. Stone textures represent different wall and tile textures that reflect the crudeness of the stone or rock while showcasing different designs on the web.

Different types of textures are collectively used for building constructive structures like stone textures, tiles textures, rock textures, brick textures. The stone textures covers different stunning texture designs ranging from curved textures to natural, realistic or rock texture stones. There are many free stone wall textures that are helpful for the graphic and web designers. The stunning images of the stone textures of the wall can easily be downloaded with the given sources.

1. Loose Stone Texture


2. Chunks of Stone


3. Stone


4. Mossy Stone Path


5. Stone Texture


6. Misc Photo Texture


7. Wet Rocks Texture Stock


8. Stone Texture


9. Stone


10. Stone Wall Texture


11. Stone Texture


12. Dry Stone Wall


13. Stone Texture


14. Endless Irish Stone Texture


15. Stone Wall Texture

16. Stone Texture

17. Abstract Stone Texture

18. Stone Wall Texture

19. Stone Wall Texture

20. Ike Stone Texture Stripes

21. Stone Texture

22. Stone Texture

23. Stone Wall Texture

24. Stone Path Texture

25. Old Stone Wall Texture

26. Stone Texture

27. Stone Wall Texture

28. Texture Stone

29. Raw Ground Texture Stones

30. Moar Stone

31. Stone Texture

32. Stone Texture

33. Stone Wall Texture

34. Stone Texture

35. Stone Texture

36. Stone Wall

37. Seamless Stone Texture

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