35+ Fabulous Collection of Kids Fonts

The wall paintings have totally changed the concepts and ideas with the influential of new designs that easily give you the interested look without much effort and money. Designers are always in search for different types of fonts for their designs and artworks. There are many traditional fonts that give no creativity but there are also many stylish, extra creative and funkier looking fonts.

What type of fonts the kids most like? The amusing fonts that will best suit the kids needs include variety of humorous, funny, entertaining and comical type of fonts. The collection includes artwork designs to give stylish, extra creative and funny look to make the kids themed designs more appealing to the audience especially to the kids. The cartoon and comic fonts help to give extra edge to those that uses the traditional fonts.

Handmade style and irregular shape fonts are great to bring a child like fun to your design. If you are among those who love to have a designing font to be used in comic, in amusing and other kid’s websites then there is a great collection that helps you to choose the right fonts.

Are you looking for fonts to be used in kids party invitation, fun or family gatherings, there are many hundreds of options to choose from. There are many cartoon and comic fonts that most kids love to have and they give extra edge to your design especially for creating a memorable logo, icon or any other artwork.

Here is a list that includes remarkable collection of free child like high quality fonts for the party invitations and school projects for kids. These are the top picks that can be used for free to kids fonts. I hope that you enjoy these kids fonts.

1. Hana

2. Scartan Floaben

3. 101! Birdie LuV

4. LMS Ladybug

5. B Surfers Plane

6. Candy Cane

7. Cricket

8. Kids Alphabet

9. Agent Orange

10. Cactus Sandwich Plain FM

11. Roughage Serif

12. Akbar

13. 101! Lady Bug LuV

14. Cactus Sandwich Fill FM

15. 101! Sketchy HorseShoeZ

16. Be My Valentine

17. SP Blume DB

18. HoaryGaut

19. AlphaCar

20. AlphaBones

21. Flame

22. Halloween Match

23. AC

24. Fairytale

25. Moonstar

26. AajaxSurrealFreak

27. AlphaSmoke

28. KaBlam!

29. JLR Star Shrek

30. Autumn Gifts

31. Easter Sunrise

32. KR Ants

33. Hathor

34. Accent Cookie Dough

35. Wake & Bake

36. A Scratched Remix

37. Fleurs de Liane

38. AlphaBizzyBee

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