35+ Fastest Web Browsers on Internet

Since the internet has been established web browser is the most commonly used software in the web world. There are many varieties of web browsers on the internet, the most important among all include Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Google chrome, Maxton and Safari, but the question remains there when all are important and mostly used browsers than which is the fastest web browser?

For systems running with Windows internet explorer is the most popular web browser. But for most people it is too strong and big that it eventually become slower and slower and there have been so many plugins and spam’s launched with the internet explorer that has make it hard to use and slow at the same time.

Web browsers are the most important and the debated topic of software on the internet. The only way to known the opinion of most users is simply voting for their favorite browsers. There are thousands of different answers by voters in support to their favorite browsers. Below is the list of some fastest browsers that is commonly used by most users.

1. Firefox

2. Internet Explorer


3. Chrome

4. Opera

5. Safari

6. Avant

7. OmniWeb 


9. MenuBox

10. Dooble 

11. Comodo Dragon

12. Epic

13. Camino

14. RockMelt

15. SlimBrowser

16. Maxthon

17. Sleipnir

18. CometBird

19. Kylo

20. Zac Browser

21. Deepnet Explorer

22. iCab

23. Stainless

24. Lobo

25. Crazy Browser

26. SRWare Iron

27. Xtravo

28. QtWeb

29. QupZilla

30. Wyzo

31. GreenBrowser

32. UltraBrowser

33. Nuke Browser

34. Cayman Browser

35. NetSurf 

36. SeaMonkey

37. Lunascape ORION

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