35+ Inspiring Love Themes for your Smartphone

Love is a natural feeling that remains exclusively throughout. All what it need is some refreshment in this feeling after sometime. It could be through some sweet words or a gift or even one can send love themes to the other to boost up the level of love. It is the best effort to define love as it can never be expressed by word as it is only a feeling that other person feel for someone.

No one knows the clear definition of love and no one can explain it, Everyone is confused in this world about what exactly love is? It’s a spontaneous feeling that does not only translate a girl and boy relationship with each other but it could be for anything or anyone like between parents and children, between siblings even love for the nature.

Today we are going to showcase that how designers and studios are presenting their work for love. In this collection variety of styles and trends are been followed and it captures the personality of the creative individual and studio behind these beautiful love themes. Here is an inspirational list of beautiful designed love themes collected from different websites.

1. Love

2. Love Hearts

3. Waiting For Love

4. Me & You

5. Neon Hearts

6. Pink Hearts

7. Colored Love

8. Valentines Day

9. Abstract Heart

10. Love Clock

11. Hot Kiss

12. Love You

13. Romantic

14. I Wish

15. Animated Pink Rose

16. Love You

17. I Miss You

18. Love

19. Love Colors

20. Red Rose

21. I love You

22. I love You

23. You And Me

24. Twilight Couple

25. Cute Paris

26. Love

27. Love

28. Romance

29. Sparkle Rose

30. I love You

31. Valentine Love

32. Love U

33. Happy Valentines Day

34. I love You

35. HD Love

36. Nature Miss You

37. Love

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