35+ Unique Kids Room Design Ideas

A bedroom is not only the place for kids to sleep it’s the place where they study, enjoy listening music, play games, sprawl on the floor and have fun with the friends. So it’s very important to plan a room carefully that covers all these functions and is comfortable and has enough staying power that it can be redecorated every few years. While you are decorating a scheme for children rooms its necessary to ask them their opinions and interests.

Kids are always full of energy and fun and playful spirit in their room will provide a warm and welcoming place for them to slow down, read book and enjoy a good night sleep. It’s actually the place which they fully own and are excited about it.

It’s very hard to find such pictures that help in creating and designing the rooms of the kids interiorly. The first most important thing when decorating the kids room is to find some fresh colors for the interior designing that includes more energetic colors as well. Particular elements for boys and girls should be themed in so that it gives a more entertaining and particular effect to the room.

You want to redesign your kid’s room or want to decorate the baby nurseries with innovative and creative ideas by the experts. Kid’s room decorations include wall decals, creative and handmade touches that give personalized style to your child’s room.

Here below we have shared wonderful ideas for both boys and girls room decorations. It’s not easy to find such great designs by the professional interior designer. Just check these photos and refresh your outdated den and create a whole new place for children, I hope you will find some interesting ideas for your kid’s room.

1. DC Design House

2. Home by Novogratz


3. Jack and Jill Interiors

4. Duneier Design

5. Bellisa Design

6. Rosenberry Rooms

7. NLM Design Interiors, LLC

8. Home by Novogratz

9. Duneier Design

10. Liz Carroll Interiors

11. Fiorella Design

12. Extravagant Interiors Ltd

13. DC Design House

14. Liz Carroll Interiors

15. IDS Associate

16. DC Design House

17. IDS Associate

18. Charles Neal Interiors

19. Home by Novogratz

20. EMI Interior Design

21. EMI Interior Design

22. Liz Carroll Interiors

23. Extravagant Interiors Ltd

24. Ethos Interiors

25. Liz Carroll Interiors

26. IDS Associate

27. IDS Associate

28. DC Design House

29. Home by Novogratz

30. Miller/Dolezal Design Group

31. Home by Novogratz

32. IDS Associate

33. Home by Novogratz

34. EMI Interior Design

35. Home by Novogratz

36. IDS Associate

37. Candice Olson

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