35+ Wonderful Examples of Bedroom Designs

Bedroom is a place to relax as it creates a personal space that expresses your inner most desires. Bedroom is a place in home where a person spends an average of 5 to 8 hours each day. It is a place where you can unwind and calm after a long hard day. So it must have to be as comfortable as possible. Environment plays a very important role in bringing soothing shades and the natural effect to the rooms. The shades of medium to dark brown are perfect for a bedroom as they tend to satisfy your souls.

You want to feel cozy and want to choose something contemporary and delicate. The easiest way to dream for such a great scheme for designing a bedroom is to focus on finding a fabulous bedroom design. There is a compile of list that gives beautiful designs for a particular room or space. This list of beautiful bedrooms has been collected after the searching from internet.

Now you don’t have to search for the pictures that help to design your bedroom in most creative and innovative way. Here are few new pictures with the great ideas of bedroom designs.

1. Habachy Designs


2. Bridgid Coulter Design

3. Jason Champion Design

4. Jr. Interior Design

5. Charles Neal Interiors

6. Joseph A. Berkowitz Interiors, Inc.

7. Joseph A. Berkowitz Interiors, Inc.

8. EMI Interior Design

9. Design Guru; Room Fu

10. Design Guru; Room Fu

11. Allied Member ASID; ZIA Interior Designs

12. Color Splash

13. Eco-Green and Feng Shui Certified

14. Adam Zollinger Interiors

15. Adam Zollinger Interiors

16. Adam Zollinger Interiors

17. Model Home Merchandising and Residential Interior Design

18. Duneier Design

19. Paddle Creek Design

20. Eco-Green and Feng Shui Certified

21. Loretta’s Interior Design, LLC

22. Pangaea Interior Design

23. The Inman Company

24. Tanya Griffin, CID; Shaping Spaces Group

25. Joseph Pubillones Interiors, Inc.

26. Celia Berliner Design, LLC; ASID, Allied Member

27. AB Design Elements LLC

28. Guru; Room Fu

29. Maggie Carr

30. Erinn V Design Group

31. Vanessa DeLeon Associates

32. Tracy Morris Design

33. EMI Interior Design

34. Anasa Interiors

35. Dennis Design Group

36. Marie Burgos Design

37. Avram Rusu Interiors

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