35+ Wonderful Examples of Google Logos

There are many celebrating days in a year that we don’t remember or sometimes forget in our busy schedule. But computer is the thing to which every person on this earth is in touch on daily basis. Now no more forgetful big days as Google is here to let you remember. Google logos never let the users to forget the big days instead it celebrates the days with its users. Thanks loads to Google just because it thinks about us.

Google is the number one user site in the world and it is used multiple times a day. Whether you want to search something or just want to look a website Google has the solution. To spice up the page Google has many designers that design Google logos for many special occasions like holidays or birthdays of famous and remarkable people in history. Having a best Google logo represents an amazing look that anyone has ever seen. The logos include many imaginative designs for Christmas, thanksgiving, Halloween or any other popular event.

We have searched lot many logos all over the web and found these some amazing wonderful Google logos. These are some most brilliantly designed Google logos. Google logos showcase lots of interesting things that reflects any current or upcoming events.

1. Luiz Gonzaga’s 100th Birthday

2. Jane Austen’s 235th Birthday

3. Children’s Day

4. Czech Republic Election Day 2013

5. Eliezer Ben Yehuda’s 155th Birthday

6. Polde Bibič’s 80th Birthday

7. Finland Independence Day 2012

8. Doodle 4 Google 2012

9. Veterans Day 2012

10. Election Day U.S

11. Austria National Day 2012

12. Malaysia Independence Day 2012

13. Bastille Day 2012

14. 4th of July 2012

15. Royal Ploughing Ceremony and Farmer’s Day

16. Tato Bores’ 85th Birthday

17. Carnival 2012

18. World Cup 2022

19. Thanksgiving 2010 by Ina Garten

20. Korean Thanksgiving 2010

21. 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street

22. Parent’s Day 2012

23. Indonesia Independence Day 2012

24. 65th Birthday of Pippi Longstocking

25. National Liberation Day of Korea 2010

26. Republic Day Italy 2012

27. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

28. Large Hadron Collider

29. Google’s 10th Birthday

30. New Year’s Eve 2011

31. Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s 83rd Birthday

32. Romanian National Day

33. Turkish National Day 2011

34. German Reunification Day 2011

35. Medellin Flower Festival 2011

36. Dragon Boat Festival 2011

37. First Day of School 2011

38. Korean Thanksgiving 2011

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