40+ Absolutely Free URL Shortener Websites

URL shortening is a World Wide Web technique that has a uniform resource locator and is substantially shorter in length and requires a direct page. It is achieved by redirecting HTTP to a shorter domain name that further links to the web page that has a long URL. This type of technique is very convenient in messaging technologies like twitter and identi.ca that allows only limited number of characters for doing messages.

Short URLs allow longer web address in a single tweet. The short URL disguise the underline address as this may be helpful for legitimate business or for any personal reason. Many URL shortening services have been found on spam list because of its direct use to the sites while trying to bypass that same blacklist.

Since the development of internet people love to share the interested links with their friends. But sometimes there are many long and ugly URLs that have an affiliated links that people want to hide. And with this the sharing of link drops down. To make everything easy URL shorteners were introduced. This helps to create short and beautiful URL by entering long, ugly and affiliated links in this URL shortener websites.

There are many websites that allow limited characters while submission so there is a need of shortening URLs to explain the complete concept. In this world of technology the internet use is increasing day by day and there are thousands of new blogs and sites coming each day. It’s becoming very difficult to remember the favorite sites so it has increased the popularity of URL shortening services. URL shortening has become very popular especially on sites such as twitter as it saves the character space.

Many web masters and other people realized that they can make money through these URL shortener and they start creating their URL shortener that soon became very popular. There are many different kind of URL shortener service available just chooses out the one you like. Here we are going to list some of the best.

1. fun.ly

2. bc.vc

3. wq.lt

4. ilnk.me

5. zzb.bz

6. pdx.be

7. b54.in

8. mcaf.ee

9. app.x.co

10. re.po.st

11. dft.ba

12. y.ahoo.it

13. kxk.me

14. cli.gs

15. rod.gs

16. bieber.ly

17. u.to

18. oxf.am

19. welu.se

20. rrt.me

21. tiny.tw

22. bit.do

23. 1in1.co

24. bitly.com

25. tinyurl.com

26. is.gd

27. tiny.cc

28. ow.ly

29. v.gd

30. ity.im

31. gg.gg

32. cl.lk

33. 1url.com

34. 2.gp

35. 3.ly

36. yep.it

37. to.ly

38. tiny.pl

39. hurlme.com

40. cutt.us

41. wowurl.com

42. getshorturl.com

43. okk.us

44. eg3.net

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