40+ Amazing Guinness World Records

Learning something new is always fun and exciting and it’s a great fact that Guinness book of world record provides an actual source of knowledge. It’s the most best selling copyright book that shows that how much crazy people are there around in the life. People do such funny and crazy things that set unexpected records. Guinness book is a kind of reference book that is published every year and it contains a collection of world records. It includes human achievements and some naturally existing things in the world. The book itself holds a record as a bestselling copyrighted book series of all time. It is among those books that had generally been stolen from the public libraries.

Gather all friends and fans that can set record breaking from around the world. Assist the people out there in making their dreams come true. The Guinness world record has extended its services beyond the publication of book including the television series and museums. The catalogue includes a huge number of verifying records also included are the details of the making and breaking of records. Here you will find some amazing Guinness world records from different countries.

1. Tallest Man – Living

2. Widest Mouth

3. Longest Ears on Dog – Ever

4. Greatest Weight Supported While Skipping a Rope 10 Times

5. Largest Collection of Traffic Cones

6. Largest Horn Circumference – Steer

7. Hairest Teenager

8. Fastest Time to Burst Three Balloons with the Back

9. Longest Finger Nails (Female) – Ever

10. Most Needles Insterted into the Head

11. Most Tattooed Senior Citizen (Male)

12. Heaviest Aircraft pulled by a Man

13. Largest Motorised Shopping Trolley

14. Largest Hiking/Work Boot

15. Most Piercings in a Lifetime (Female)

16. Fire Eating – Most Torches Extinguished in 30 Seconds

17. Most Garters Removed with the Teeth in one Minute

18. Longest Nose on a Living Person

19. Longest Tongue Current – Dog

20. Smallest Waist – Living Person

21. Longest French Knitting

22. Longest Sword Swallowed

33. Most Straws Stuffed in the Mouth(Hands Off)

24. Largest Ball of Cling Film /Plastic Wrap

25. Largest Pizza Base Spun in 2 Minutes

26. Fastest Mile on Pogo Stick Whilst Juggling 3 Balls

27. Fastest 10 M Travelled Carrying a Table and Weight in the Mouth

28. Fastest Time to Shoot 10 Arrows

29. Fastest 100 Metre Hurdles Wearing Swim Fins (Individual Male)

30. Fastest 20 M Carraying 300 KG On Shoulders

31. Largest Natural Breasts

32. Most Tennis Balls Held in the Mouth – Dog

33. Most Spoons Balanced on the Face

34. Most Tattooed Senior Citizen (Female)

35. Heaviest Weight Lifted By Tongue

36. Most Watermelons Chopped on the Stomach in one Minute

37. Most People Lifted and Thrown in 2 Minutes (Female)

38. Smallest Roadworthy Car

39. Narrowest Street

40. Heaviest Motorcycle

41. Most Rotataions Hanging From a Powder Drill in One Minute

42. Most Christmas Trees Chopped in Two Minutes

43. Fastest Distance Climbed Inverted Up a Pole in One Minute

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