40+ Beautiful Skins Designed by Various Artists

Skin is a simple, natural and basic medium for various artists that do not need a complex chore. Designers find various ways to give your skin radiant, healthy and beautiful look with many free and simple techniques that can easily be tried on the skin.

Skin design artists are very motivational and they take inspiration from variety of influences. Piercing skin is the clients own personal preference, the artist only intricate artwork on the skin. Transferring a design to the skin is one of the most important steps that a skilled artist designs on the skin. The skin artists pay a great attention to the details while discussing clients need and preferences.

The skin can be used as canvas in many ways from body paints to tattoos and piercings that can simply be drawn on the skin. The photographers have captured many beautiful designs of the skin that are very less painful to draw on the skin. The artists explore every medium or subject and give a unique skin design to its viewers. There are many beautiful skin designs work done by various artists.

1. The Great Wave by Katsushika Housai

2. Stars and Stripes by GelaSkins

3. Artist’s Gardenat Giverny by Claude Monet

4. Steampunk by Colin Thompson

5. Bookshelf by Colin Thompson

6. Underworld by Colin Thompson

7. Motherboard by Derek Prospero

8. Boombox by Lyle Owerko

9. Shore by Lawrence Yang

10. The Enamored Whale by Alberto Cerriteno

11. Rooted In Earth by Heather Haynes

12. The Enamored Owl by Alberto Cerriteno

13. Red Metal by Daim

14. Blue Willow by Colin Thompson

15. Pigs & Maths by Rollout

16. Rose Collage by Gillian Fullard

17. Sea Garden byJulie Comstock

18. Winona by Julie Comstock

19. Monad by Joan Salo

20. Tokyo by eBoy

21. The Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A by National Geographic

22. Bloom by Lawrence Yang

23. Boombox II by Lyle Owerko

24. Graffiti Skyline by Derek Prospero

25. Loose Leaf by Derek Prospero

26. Sleepy Owl by Jeremiah Ketner

27. Rose by Julie Comstock

28. Meow by Lora Zombie

29. Only In Dreams by Jenean Morrison

30. Alley By The Lakeby Leonid Afremov

31. London Skyline by Kitty McCall

32. Irises by Vincent van Gogh

33. Skull Jewels by Jeff Soto

34. Underwater by Christina Song

35. Night by Christina Song

36. Oversoul by Alex Grey

37. Selva Black by Carnovsky

38. Up and Around by Daim

39. Vintage Flowers by Melody Miller

40. Peacock by Tanya Kartesheva

41. Intermezzo by Andy Gilmore

42. Carnival Bloom by Michael Miller

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