40+ Free Paper Textures for Designers

Paper backgrounds are very common in use these days. It is not only used to write but it can be useful as texture in doing some web design or graphic project as well. There are many websites on the web that are using paper concept now a days and come up with neat and grungy results.

The textural effect given to the paper is a work of some talented designers. The paper surface is used by most web designers to draw some vague concept that comes like a flash in their minds. Many gives grunge effect, vintage and even some are very neat.

A web page with a paper background gives more friendly and passionate approach to the readers. Now web designers use specific look of paper texture to evoke certain emotional response from the readers. From the burnt paper back to a wrinkled or torn and yellowish scrap each one has its own distinct use that only the web designers and artists appreciate the beauty of a paper texture that are dirty, yellowish, stained, burnt etc. Paper will always be a part of our digitized world and its beauty is celebrated in many designs whether textures, layers or other additional effects.

There is an outstanding collection of unique paper background each showing different type of paper that can be used as a background in different layouts. Different paper textures are presented in many styles like plain textures, scanned from original and many folding effects in high resolution background.

Download the crumpled and colored to wrinkled, faded and nostalgic texture designs and use them to create some beautiful inspirational designs. These textures are absolutely free and can be used in any commercial work.

1. Crinkled Paper Texture

2. Paper Texture

3. Dirty Paper Texture

4. Sky Paper

5. Paper Texture

6. Paper Texture

7. Old Paper

8. Paper Sheet

9. Folded Paper Texture

10. Old Paper

11. Drawing Surface Paper Texture

12. Wanted Paper Texture

13. Paper Texture

14. Paper Texture

15. Grungy Paper Texture

16. Parchment Paper Texture

17. Dirty Paper Texture

18. Handmade Paper

19. White Crumbled Paper Texture

20. Paper Texture

21. Grunge Paper Texture

22. Squared Paper Sheet

23. Paper Texture

24. Paper Texture

25. Paper Texture

26. Notebook Paper

27. Dirty Paper Texture

28. Grunge Paper Texture

29. Notebook Paper Texture

30. Line Paper

31. Grunge Paper Texture

32. Old Paper Texture

33. Paper Bag Texture

34. Lined Paper Texture

35. Sunrise Paper Texture

36. Old Paper Texture

37. Grunge Paper Texture

38. Pink Grunge Paper Texture

39. Dirty Graph Paper Texture

40. Amber Paper Texture

41. Yellow Notebook Paper

42. Creased Paper Texture

43. HD Paper Texture

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