40+ Popular Facebook Applications on Internet

Facebook is the most popular social network that has the large number of users. It provides many applications to millions of profiles. It is not only used to chat but actually provides a platform to make promotions, campaigns, advertisements, development or to share any ideas. Facebook network includes many useful applications for the users that give amazing fun on your profiles.

Facebook is the most famous network on internet and its popularity can be seen through the Google news. Facebook is an online platform that gives very cool applications that can be used within Facebook. Many users uses Facebook application for fun purpose but on the other hand it can also enhance the productivity of the website or blog.

The most powerful way to unlock the effectiveness of Facebook is the applications. The applications let your business integrate into the Facebook and give a greater user experience. You dream it and we provide you with brilliant applications to turn your dream into reality.

Here is a list of some most interesting and useful Facebook applications that is worth to put on Facebook profile. These are really very interesting applications for the creative people and the designers love to have these on their Facebook profiles.

1. Dragon City

2. Avengers Alliance

3. SongPop

4. Baseball Heroes

5. Candy Crush Saga

6. Angry Birds Star Wars

7. Slotomania Slot Machines

8. Solitaire Blitz

9. Hulu

10. ESPN

11. Guitar Flash

12. Zynga Slingo

13. Stardoll

14. Bitstrips

15. Fruit Ninja Frenzy

16. Car Town

17. Monster World

18. Bingo Blitz

19. Galaxy Life

20. Mirrorball Slots

21. Bejeweled Blitz

22. Tetris Battle

23. ChefVille

24. Hidden Express

25. FarmVille

26. Songza

27. Hollywood Spins

28. Threads of Mystery

29. Pool Live Tour

30. Pet Rescue Saga

31. Words With Friends

32. SoundCloud

33. Diamond Dash

34. Spotify

35. Magic Land

36. Pinterest

37. Fruit Ninja Frenzy

38. Webcam Toy

39. Muzy.com

40. EA Sports FIFA Superstars

41. Criminal Case

42. Foursquare

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