40+ Unforgettable Extreme Advertisements

Advertising is mostly done to catch the attention of the audience while delivering message in clear and concise manner. An effective ad is one that captures the attention of the people.

There are many ways to catch the attention of the viewers some use humor to capture viewer’s attention, but there are many that present their idea that goes to extreme to present something different. Some advertisers give great focus on images while other uses some words that hit hard to the audience and they actually stop and read the ads.

You might have seen many billboards during your walk or driving but you cannot remember all the billboards. There are many billboards that capture your attention out of which there are some unforgettable billboards around and you might think that it is the best.

Here we have gathered some creative collection of advertisements with unique ideas to market your business. The collection includes most print ads as well outdoor advertisements that give inspirational look.

Which one you think is the best and that you will never forget? Just feel free to share and give your comments.

1. Advertisement


2. Advertisement

3. Advertisement

4. Advertisement

5. Advertisement

6. Advertisement

7. Advertisement

8. Advertisement

9. Advertisement

10. Advertisement

11. Advertisement

12. Advertisement

13. Advertisement

14. Advertisement

15. Advertisement

16. Advertisement

17. Advertisement

18. Advertisement

19. Advertisement

20. Advertisement

21. Advertisement

22. Advertisement

23. Advertisement

24. Advertisement

25. Advertisement

26. Advertisement

27. Advertisement

28. Advertisement

29. Advertisement

30. Advertisement

31. Advertisement

32. Advertisement

33. Advertisement

34. Advertisement

35. Advertisement

36. Advertisement

37. Advertisement

38. Advertisement

39. Advertisement

40. Advertisement

41. Advertisement

42. Advertisement

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