45+ Beautiful Hummingbird Photos Collection

The hummingbird is one of the most interesting and beautiful bird and it’s very difficult to photograph them as they are small, quick and beat their wings around 53 times a second and fly in acrobatic style along with other birds. They had very short legs and can not walk or hop at high speed. They fly upside down and backwards. There are around 325 species of humming birds in the world.

It is a challenging type of nature photography which is a difficult task to take pictures. It could be frustrating as well as rewarding. It inspires our imagination as there are so many birds in this world.

The humming birds pictures gives inspirational view and they decor your desktop background. Here is a beautiful collection of humming bird photos that highlights the most lovely and outstanding hummingbirds in brilliant colors, unusual feathers and spectacular plumage adaptations. Just go through the photograph and select the one that perfectly suits your taste.

1. Plain Bellied Hummingbird

2. Hummingbird

3. Hummingbird

4. Flying Rufus Tailed Hummingbird

5. Cleared for Landing

6. Little Brown Beauty

7. Female Green Thorntail

8. Balance

9. Fawn Breasted Brilliant Hummingbird

10. Floating On Air

11. Magnificent Hummingbird in Flight

12. Allen’s Hummingbird

13. Natures Light and True Beauty

14. Allen’s Hummingbird

15. Hummer

16. Green Thorntail

17. You Are In My Space

18. Sparkling Violetear

19. Glory Of The Andes

20. Anna’s Hummingbird

21. Purple Fly

22. Hummingbird

23. Anna’s Hummingbird

24. Looking Your Best

25. Suspended In Mid Air

26. Small, Fast and Cute

27. Brilliant

28. Violet Headed Hummingbird

29. Nectar Extraction

30. Coppery Headed Emerald Hummingbird

31. Female Horned Sungem

32. Frozen

33. Allen’s Hummingbird

34. A Moment To Rest

35. Orange Power

36. Anna’s Hummingbird

37. You Are In My Space

38. Hummingbird at Rosario Beach

39. Just Landed

40. The Flying Sword Billed Hummingbird

41. Little Pufflegs

42. Volcano Hummingbird in Flight

43. Firey Throated Hummingbird

44. Mission Impossible

45. Green Crowned Brilliant

46. Little Man

47. Little Gem From Savegre

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