45+ Fancy Designs of Cursive Fonts

Cursive fonts are a type of hand writing in which letters are connected in slanted and flowing manner. In different languages there is a different meaning of cursive writing like in Asian and Chinese languages cursive writing focuses on the formation and connectedness of strokes with an individual character.

Cursive handwriting dates back to some secretary hand style that has widely been used for personal correspondence and official documents. Cursive writing is considered as a way of formalizing correspondence till the advent of typewriters and computers. With the passage of time and development of technology and availability there are various cursive fonts. Cursive writing are widely used in designs and can be produce in various writings very easily.

In web designing, designers use many cursive fonts to add some personalized approaches in their projects. Many people love to write their names, sayings or quotes in various cursive styles that make tattoos unique and personal.

Cursive style fonts are simple and highly popular among designers and artists. There is really a great collection of some best pretty cursive fonts. It has a unique feature that it joins many capital letters when preceding lower case letters and it creates much more real flow.

There are many websites from where anyone can download free cursive fonts in high quality. Just check out this great collection if you don’t want any hassle of installing and downloading simple design cursive fonts.

1. Shit Happens Font

2. Respective Font

3. Blessed Day Font

4. Mardian Demo Font

5. Angel Tears Font

6. Ink In the Meat Font

7. Moonlight Shadow Font

8. Janda As Long As You Love Me Font

9. Xtreem Demo Font

10. Monoment Font

11. Olho de Boi Font

12. Carolyna Words Font

13. Janda Stylish Script Font

14. Roskrift Clean Font

15. KG Makes You Stronger Font

16. Contribute Free Version Font

17. Castro Script Personal Use Only Font

18. Coneria Script Demo Font

19. Shipped Goods Font

20. Chocolate Dealer Font

21. Before the Rain Font

22. Dancing Script Font

23. I’m Fashionista! Free Version Font

24. Dirty and Classic Font

25. Signerica Fat Font

26. Many Weatz Font

27. Botanink Font

28. Tipbrush Script Font

29. Nina Script Demo Font

30. Centeria Script Demo Font

31. Brannboll Fet Font

32. Clear Line Personal Use Only

33. Brother Tattoo Font

34. Ginga Font

35. Bira Personal Use Only

36. Janda Cheerful Script Font

37. Lina Script Demo Font

38. Antlers Demo Font

39. Kerater Font

40. KG All Things New Font

41. Clipper Script Font

42. Channel Font

43. Janda Celebration Script Font

44. Cantate Beveled Font

45. Voodoo Script Font

46. KG Eyes Wide Open

47. Snowhouse Demo Font

48. Echinos Park Script Personal Us

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