45+ Inspiring Wall Textures in Designing

Textures give a unique element to all the web designers and it is used in variety of ways in a website. Texture enhances the web design and is one of the most important components of any design. It is available anywhere in streets, homes, towns etc. They are commonly used in web design while giving a look that roughens the sharpness and crispness of the background so that it looks catchy.

Texture plays a very important role in the life of web designing and graphic designing. When you walk into a new home it feels like just plain white boxes on the wall giving a boring look. Even paint and furnishing doesn’t fill the emptiness and it feels like something is missing. There is an inspirational collection of texture in many ways that can be added to your walls.

Here we have presented some beautiful creative examples of wall texture designs for your inspiration. These given wall textures are very helpful for the entire graphic and web designers. Each textural image includes the sources so that you can download them easily. Feel free to share your opinion and enjoy using them.

1. Wall Texture

2. Wall Texture

3. Peeling Paint on Wall

4. Texture

5. Cement Wall

6. Wall

7. Wall Texture

8. Cracked Wall

9. Wall Texture

10. Robinet

11. Wall Texture

12. Wall Texture

13. Wall Texture

14. Texture

15. Brick Wall Aqua Texture

16. Wall Texture

17. Cracked Wall Texture

18. Spitalfields

19. Texture Wall

20. Textured Wall

21. Old Wall Desktop Wallpaper

22. Blue Cracked Wall Texture

23. Grungy Wall Texture

24. Wall Texture

25. Wall Texture

26. Wall Texture

27. Texture

28. The Wall

29. Texture

30. Tooting

31. Old Wall Texture with Bricks

32. Texture: Stucco Wall One

33. Layers

34. Lovely Wall Texture from Orvieto

35. Texture

36. Wall Texture

37. Texture

38. Wall

39. Wall Texture

40. Wall Texture

41. Stone Wall Texture

42. Footsteps on the Wall

43. No Frills Red Wall Texture

44. Adobe Wall and Shadows

45. Cracked Wall – Free Image/Texture

46. Wall Texture

47. Unaciertamirada Texture

48. Wall in the French Quarter

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