45+ Most Creative Transparent Business Cards

The business card helps a lot in promoting businesses as it represents the information about your business and company or individual. It’s very important to make a unique, creative and striking design to your business card so that most people can remember it. Now improved version of business card has been launched that is the transparent business card that has set the latest trend in advertising. Business cards include complete contact information such as e-mail, address and the owners name in affiliation with the company.

From the past few years the transparent business cards have been quite very much common. These waterproof business cards are now becoming a popular promotional tool. The business card has its own different uses and it is necessary to present the card in terms of its physical design and style. These cards set a long lasting impression to the clients.

It has now become the demand of the modernized industry that has made the transparent business card prominent in the marketing world. Business cards once designed are not changed over many years. Their approach is totally different from the regular traditional style business card.

Business card is the identity of any business that helps to memorize the name of the business. Making your business transparent is now the latest and modern trend in the industry. There are many fabulous and transparent business cards that give simply stunning and impressive look. Having cool and attractive business card gives an additional advantage to the company if it sets a great first impression.

Plastic business cards give a cool platform to showoff creativity on the card that makes the receiver to remember it through the style of the card. Here we have presented a large collection of beautiful and creative transparent business cards for inspiration. Just feel free to browse this collection and get inspired by it. These are very creatively designed business card that is creative enough to stand out from the usual traditional paper style business cards.

1. Transparent Plastic Business Card

2. Transparent Business Card

3. Clear Transparent Plastic Business Card

4. Transparent Plastic Business Card + Hot Foil Silver

5. Transparent Plastic Business Card + Hot Foil Silver

6. Clear Transparent Plastic Business Card

7. Websifu Transparent Business Card

8. Websifu-Transparent-Business Card

9. Websifu Creative Business Card

10. Transparent Business Card

11. Clear Plastic Business Cards Architetto Vinciguerra P. – Mosca

12. Clear Plastic Business Cards Architetto Vinciguerra P. – Mosca

13. Kristal Visitenkarten aus Kunststoff – Biglietti da Visita Trasparenti

14. Cool Business Card Transparent

15. Badname

16. Business Card Transparent

17. Transparent Colored Business Card

18. Transparent Satinierte Visitenkarten Aus Kunststoff

19. Transparent-Satinierte Visitenkarten Aus Kunststoff

20. Visitenkarten aus Kunststoff (Satiniert)

21. Visitenkarten aus Kunststoff (Kristallklare PVC)

22. Transparent Rotate USB Credit Card

23. Plastic Business Card

24. Clear Plastic Business Card Matteo Sala

25. Clear Plastic Business Card – Biglietti da Visita PVC Trasparente Bilucido

26. Clear Plastic Business Card – Biglietti da Visita PVC Trasparente Bilucido

27. Translucent Plastic Business Card

28. Plastic Business Card

29. Biglietti Da Visita in Acciaio – Perforati al Laser ed Incisi Con Termostampa

30. Clear Business Card on PVC

31. Acrylic Business Card – Biglietti Da Visita in Plexiglass

32. Plastic Business Card

33. Clear Plastic Business Card

34. St. Odontoiatrico a

35. Clear Plastic Business Card

36. Plastic Business Card

37. Plastic Business Card

38. Clear Plastic Business Card

39. Clear Plastic Business Card Doubleapex

40. Clear Plastic Business Card – Biglietti da Visita PVC Trasparente Bilucido

41. Clear Plastic Business Card on PVC

42. Translucent Plastic Business Card

43. My New Business Card

44. Clear Plastic Business Card

45. Transparent-Satinierte Visitenkarten Aus Kunststoff,

46. Visitenkarten aus Kunststoff (Kristallklare PVC)

47. Visitenkarten aus Kunststoff (Kristallklare PVC)

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