45+ Most Useful Web Icons for Designers

There is a great demand of good icons these days especially in finding the best icon from thousands of icons is not an easy work. One has to do a lot of work for becoming successful creative web artists. It has now become very easy to create some good designs as there are many free icons available.

Creating the custom icons for a personal project is rarely practical. There are now plenty of free quality icon sets available for the professionals. These free quality icons includes useful and helpful resources as they have a greater impact on the sites that are available for designing. Many websites have graphical and illustrator icons that are used in application of software are as well. There is a large demand of well designed icons especially in the icon designing companies.

There are many free professional icon sets with many beautiful and useful designs that belong to different platforms like for windows, MAC OS X, mobile phones, gadgets or iPhone icons that give inspirational designs. These icon sets are easily be applied to web applications, website designs and on the desktop. If they are designed very well then they show up a great impression on others.
There is a very tough competition on internet especially for designing and creating a good website that have excellent layout, attractive images with easy tools including relevant and meaningful information with icons.

Icons are the most basic elements that are required by most professional web designers after completing any web related project. There are thousands of free icons on internet that are very crucial and suit your website requirements. It’s really very important to select some simple web icons that give interactive effect to your website.

There are many different types of icons, styles and sizes. Here are some best useful free web icons that will definitely enhance your design. The showcased icon sets is a great addition to anyone’s arsenal.

1. Google Plus Icon

2. Pinterest Icon

3. Linkedin Icon

4. StumbleUpon Icon

5. Joomla Icon

6. Skype Icon

7. YouTube Icon

8. WordPress Icon

9. RSS Icon

10. Twitter Icon

11. Facebook Icon

12. Mozilla Firefox Icon

13. Chrome Icon

14. Web Live Hotmail Metro Icon

15. Gmail Icon

16. Web Bing alt Metro Icon

17. Yahoo Icon

18. User Chat Icon

19. Blogger Icon

20. Folders OS Apple Metro Icon

21. Web HP Metro Icon

22. Web Wikipedia alt 2 Metro Icon

23. MySpace Icon

24. Web Intel Metro Icon

25. Documents Icon

26. Shop Cart Icon

27. Social Delicious Box Icon

28. Windows Icon

29. Web Compaq Metro Icon

30. Button Next Icon

31. Save Icon

32. Windows Media Player Icon

33. Web Dell Metro Icon

34. MS Word Icon

35. Adobe PDF Document Icon

36. Ebay Icon

37. Internet Explorer Icon

38. Sale Icon

39. Web Lenovo Metro Icon

40. Web digg Metro Icon

41. Web Flickr Metro Icon

42. Payment Card Icon

43. PowerPoint Icon

44. Web Microsoft alt Metro Icon

45. File Adobe Dreamweaver XML Icon

46. Web Asus Metro Icon

47. Excel Icon

48. Web Amazon Metro Icon

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