45+ Unbelievable Celebrity Vampire Wallpapers

There are many male & female celebrities that have done many vampires role and they had very scary portraits that can be seen at your own risk. There are many vampire wallpapers and images for your desktop backgrounds available on the web.

Vampires are mythological or folkloric creatures who feed on the blood of other living creature whether it’s a dead or a living person. Vampires are the ghostly and ethereal type of characters that are used for scaring purpose.

There are many vampire blood wallpapers that present great beautiful red design wallpapers, background, pictures or layouts with colorful hot and bloody splash vampire effect.

Below are the wallpapers of many celebrities in the get up of vampire that you can set them as background. You can customize and add pictures to the background of your computer desktop. This is the best selection of celebrity vampire wallpapers in HD.

1. Avril Lavigne

2. Nicole Vamp

3. Olivia Wilde

4. Cyrus Vampire

5. Megan Fox Vampire

6. Angelina

7. Megan Fox

8. Oh, Eliza

9. Dan Dan the Vampire Man

10. Megan Fox Vampire

11. Vampire Summer Glau

12. Mila Kunis Vampire

13. Jennifer Hate Hewitt

14. Lily Cole

15. Nicole Rising

16. Amy Adams

17. Avril Lavigne

18. Jennifer Connelly

19. Bardem

20. Angelina Jolie

21. Avril Lavigne

22. Clint Eastwood

23. Bruce Willis

24. Adriana Lima

25. Fergie

26. A Touch of Red Champagne

27. Jack

28. Gillian Anderson

29. Batcula

30. Count Downey Jr

31. Ricky Gervais Vampire

32. Brad’s Wife

33. Devilina Jolie

34. Death Dealer Milla

35. Uma Thurman

36. Buscemicula

37. Zach Galifianakis Vampire

38. Rihanna

39. Don’t Worry, Everything is Alright

40. Hanks

41. Mila Kunis

42. Von Biebervich

43. Mila Kunis. Vamped

44. Sandra Bullock

45. Gemma Ward

46. Vampire Moore

47. SalmaVamp

48. Vampire Natalie Portman

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