5+ Excellently Designed Online Bracelet Stores

It is a jewelry item that is worn round the wrist and when worn around the ankle is called anklet. They are designed form metal, leather, cloth, plastic and other materials like jewels, rocks, wood and shells. There are different styles of Bracelet available in the market in many different designs. Below is the list of Best Bracelet Stores.

1. Ettika.com

Ettika was formed in 2005 and it provides daily inspirational and delightful products meeting the fashion life style. It manufactures fun loving, fresh, elegant, delightful and colorful Bracelet that makes you feels good while wearing the stylish accessories.

2. Lensbracelet.com

It has been working since 2010 and it started off with two designs that have now grown into 25 different Bracelet designs. It is a team of two people that sold their products in more than 150 countries. It features debossed designs and has silicon bracelets available in two different sizes.

3. Nakamolchicago.com

They manufacture unique texture and colorful jewelry with a native design of Thailand. They create their unique designs Bracelet with an expressive art work of simplicity and beauty in each piece of jewelry item. It has showcased its Jewelry products in more than 1,000 boutiques worldwide.

4. Shopshashi.com

The Shashi brand is working since 2009 as an ornament for silk woven cord bracelet adorned with the radiant stones. It provides Bracelet and other Jewelry accessories that meet the fashion demands.

5. Puravidabracelets.com

They are providing colorful Bracelets since 2010 and sell around 20,000 Bracelets in a week. They provide simple handmade colorful Bracelets that are now easily available to around 1500 shops, boutiques, college book stores and some large stores in United States. Each single Bracelet designed has its unique different color combination.

6. Alexandani.com

7. Lunabracelet.com

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