5+ Fabulously Designed Online Department Stores

It is a retailer shop or store that has many specialized departments of every kind like clothing, furniture, home appliances, toys, cosmetics, gardening, sports goods etc. It provides wide range of products for the customer’s personal and home needs.  There are many departmental stores that give variety of products at discount prices. Below is the list of best department stores.

1. Bonton.com

It is a regional departmental store that is situated in New York and it runs 275 stores in its 23 states. It runs a chain of stores with different brand names and it provides many kitchen and bath accessories at discount prices.

2. Dillards.com

It has been working since 1938 by providing finest quality products and sells them at reasonable prices. It has almost been 70 years now but still it brings the latest and best product that adds beauty in your life style.

3. Kohls.com

It is an American departmental store that provides top brand products at competitive prices. It provides shoes, home products and other needed accessories. It operates 1089 stores in 49 states and it is the 20th largest retailer store in United States in terms of revenue.

4. Nordstrom.com

It is an online private sale company and is one of the leading fashion retailer stores that are located in 31 states. It has been working since 1901 with the opening of the two major stores of shoes and boutiques. It provides services to the customers through their online catalogs and offers jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, apparel and accessories for all men and women.

5. Macys.com

It is the Great American departmental store that has been working since 1858 and it has more than 800 stores across the country. They had a collection of best brand products and provides unique products at special events like thanksgiving day, celebrity appearance, flower shows, holiday traditional events etc.

6. Boscovs.com

7. Sears.com


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