5+ Free Online Map Creation Tools

Maps are a great way to explain thousands of themes and topics. It clearly explains any happenings or incidents. Maps help us to understand the issues complexity, statistical data and any difficult story. There are many maps that are many years old and have been used throughout the world. The introduction of web has helped to spread the maps around the world and the people can take full advantage of it.

The main aspects of creating map are map area, locations of the city, lines, icons, images, descriptions. Creating maps are easy to understand and distribute and you can deliver your information very easily. The online map design tools are very free and easy in use. These tools let you add place holders, text, pictures and video on the screen and also you can draw lines and areas. The maps can be made private or you can even make it public.

There is no need of getting expertise in terms of technology and graphic design. Map tools are although very rare but it’s easy to use or edit a map. Give your map a professional look by our map creating tools and completely customize maps for the next location.

1. Zeemaps.com

2. Quikmaps.com

3. Targetmap.com

4. Nationalatlas.gov/mapmaker

5. Mapbox.com

6. Planiglobe.com/map.html

7. Tripgeo.com/DirectionsMap.aspx

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