5+ Magnificently Designed Online Fitness Stores

It is a store that sells home fitness and exercise equipment products. It provides top quality home and club fitness equipments from their great selection of stock. It provides any information related to sports and fitness and include all fitness items like running, combat sports, mountain climbing, cycling, swimming, athletics and body building etc. Below is the list of top fitness stores.

1. Livefit.com

It is the first special fitness dealership stores that offer fitness equipments since its establishment in 1990. It is the most successful fitness retailer store of New York that has the largest and most experienced fitness equipments dealers having more than 80 employees spread in its 17 different stores.

2. Thefitnessstore.co.nz

It is a specialized store that provides the cardio and weight equipment products at fastest and accurate services. They offer training and exercising products whether it’s for sports or recommended by doctor or health professional. It has extensive range of finest fitness equipments, while providing exercising programs through performances by their professionals.

3. Shop.lifefitness.com

It provides superior fitness products that have been providing services since 1968. It is a global leader in the fitness market that manufactures and sells cardiovascular equipments and distributes them in more than 120 countries.

4. Gymsource.com

It is a well developed fitness company and the leader in the fitness field that has been providing its services from 75 years. It is the largest company in America in terms of distributing fitness equipment. It has more than 300, 000 clients in more than 50 countries. It is a reliable recognized company that has more built many gyms for the people.

5. Fitness-superstore.co.uk

It has been working since 1994 and is the largest fitness specialist equipment in UK. It provides the best branded equipments at most competitive prices. It provides popular US fitness brands that provides best quality products in terms of performance.

6. Thefitnessstore.co.uk

7. Leisurefitness.com

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