5+ Nicely Designed Online Grocery Stores

It is a store that offers food items with a stock of different kinds of foods from diversified places of different culture and sells them as groceries. Large grocery stores include clothing and household items other than food. Small grocery stores mostly sell fruits and vegetables with predominantly selling snack foods and sandwiches. Below is the list of top grocery stores.

1. Safeway.com

There are about 1, 702 Safe way stores across US and Canada. It has large collection of freshness and nutritional products at its stores.

2. Netgrocer.com

It is an online grocery store that delivers products throughout nation. It has wide selection of refrigerator and frozen items, health and beauty products and various household and gift items. It has been providing well organized, fast, easy and enjoyable grocery products since 1999.

3. Schwans.com

It has been working since 1952 and it offers various home delivery delicious frozen food products. It provides quality products of around 350 different restaurants with 100% guaranteed products. It brings wide variety of vegetables, complete meals, desserts with great satisfaction.

4. Fredmeyer.com

Its first store was opened in 1922 and it provides variety of products under one roof in order to grasp more customers. It provides convenient way to shop for meat, cheese and other goods all at one place. It has extended its stores with about 225, 000 items to shop with great services and high quality products to save people time and money. It provides everything from food, health and beauty care products to home products and electronics.

5. Waitrose.com

It has been working since 1904 and it provides great variety of pleasurable food in great quality. They try and launch new flavor products with great new recepies.

6. Save-a-lot.com

7. Harristeeter.com

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