50+ Excellent Designs of Book Covers for Inspiration

Designing a cover for the book is not an easy task as millions of books are published each year. There are many cover designs that communicate the meaning in some way. It is a very difficult task and it requires a unique challenge as there is a need of creative mind that can sum up thousands of words in a single image.

There are many beautiful cover designs that give a purposeful meaning. A picture describes thousands of words and it works as a representative of any book. It is only one element that mostly catches the attention of the readers and they can easily remember the book through its strongest visual impact. One can easily get an idea of the entire book without reading it. The concept of the story can easily be described by just giving proper cover design.

It’s really hard to design a book cover but once designed it’s easy to look at. The effective book cover catches the human eye and really helps to convey the idea of the book just through a single page design. There are thousands of excellent covers that are very interesting and will definitely make your cover hard to forget. So designers are in a really huge competition to design the cover in a unique, striking and creative manner.

Although books can never be judged by the covers but when it came across to so many books it actually change our minds. So there is a need of something special that make your book stand out of the crowd. Just have a look at these best covers created by some artistic mind people that give you an idea how to create some expressive and appealing book covers.

1. My Book Cover!

2. Vertigo – Dell Book Cover

3. Work – Book Cover

4. Pouring it Out

5. Movie Book Cover

6. Flower of Cities

7. “And Another Thing” UK Book Cover

8. Penny Red Book Cover

9. Cover Designed by Constantin Aladjalov for Every Little Movement

10. Book Cover

11. Book Cover Ideas

12. My Book-Cover Artwork for “Your Life is Your Masterpiece”

13. Book Cover!

14. The Hellcats – Sphere Book Cover

15. Honalee Book Cover

16. Book Cover Design by George Salter

17. “Crimson China” Book Cover Design Copyright Jem Butcher Design

18. Book Cover Design for a Vampire Novel

19. Book Cover

20. Book Cover

21. Book Cover Design by B.E.S. for Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis

22. Eclipse Paperback Book Cover

23. Book Cover Designed by Cliff Roberts

24. Book Cover

25. Book Cover

26. Book Cover, Iron’s Prophecy, by Julie Kagawa

27. The Other Normals Cover

28. The Dead Ringer

29. Book Cover Example

30. “Most Fortunate Son” Book Cover

31. Haunted WilliamsTown | Book Cover Jacket Design II

32. Dark Hunger

33. The Liberty Lad – Quartet Book Cover

34. Book Cover

35. Peter Temple Mediator from Edward Olive Book Cover Photographer

36. Life Is Good Book Cover

37. Taxi Book Cover illustration

38. Tour Comic Book Cover

39. “The Beach” Book Cover

40. N.C. Wyeth: Book cover for The White Company

41. The Other Normals Cover

42. Book Cover: Zozobra

43. Dark Revelations Cover

44. Now Where Can I Get this Comic Book?

45. The Rediscovery of India

46. The Samovar Princess

47. Oriland Balloon Ride!

48. The Lost Earring

49. Book Cover Design by Edward McKnight Kauffer

50. I-18

51. Book Cover

52. Tideland Book Cover Re-Design

53. Gaze (Book Cover!)

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