50+ Gorgeous Collection of Night Photography

It’s the time to take your camera out as soon as the sun goes down. It’s actually the time now to snap the most beautiful photographs of the world in the night mode. Once you are familiar with the shutter speed, exposures and lightning, then it’s easy to compensate the light with the surrounding subjects to get amazing output.

It’s a challenging and rewarding subject for a photographer to shoot under low light levels. In order to get better results there is a need of specialized equipment, SLR cameras, tripods, cable releases and flash equipments. As the sun sets the world transformed into dark and the buildings, fireworks, thunderstorms and the northern lights become the popular subjects for the photographers.

The night photography contrast is very beautiful that makes simple scenery to look more interesting. The night photography is getting popular and it has now become very easy to shoot under the night mode due to increasing number of facilities. The night photographs capture the beauty of fascinating night under the art work of some skilled photographers and artists. Here is a great example of beautiful night shots taken by the professional photographers who become active as the sun sets. Just give a look at these websites and portfolios and I am sure that you will love these all.

1. Italy / Venice / Night / Photography

2. Sydney – Circular Quay – Night Photography

3. Calainis Stones by Moonlight

4. Blue Hour Under the Fremont Bridge

5. Enter the Future (Explore)

6. Kobe at Night

7. The Loop at Night

8. Buckingham Fountain in Blue and Magenta

9. MIT Campus at Night (Building 10)

10. The Night Time Grandeur at Chapel Hill

11. lbbw Building Stuttgart

12. Night Street – Ikebukuro

13. Night Street @ Singapore Chinatown 牛车水唐人街 Smith St_2149

14. Night View of Piazza, Batumi

15. Boston at Night: Boston Common

16. Night City Lights

17. Night Fever

18. Yep…it’s the Toad Suck Ferry Lock and Dam

19. A Misty 2012

20. Singapore Nights Central Business District Long Exposure Night Photography Landscape

21. Sydney CBD with Port in Foreground -Sydney CBD at Night

22. GPI_3010_Paris_card2-Done2.JPG — Night Photography

23. GPI_3010_Paris_card2-Done2.JPG — Night Photography

24. Night Lights

25. Singapore Nights Central Business District Long Exposure Night Photography Landscape

26. Academie Francaise

27. The Best Days Of Your Life

28. Boston Skyline from North Point Park

29. Boston Back Bay Cityscape at Night w/ John Hancock Center

30. Park Bench Shelter at Night – Piers Park, Boston

31. Night Shift/Night Life

32. Laser Light Show 极光秀 @ Singapore Marina Bay_2556

33. Night 夜光彩 @ Singapore Marina Bay_2668

34. London Night Light

35. London Night City

36. London Night: Tower 42 Architecture Detail

37. London Urban Night Lights

38. A Night at the British Museum London

39. Stonehaven Harbor, Scotland – 30sec. Night Exposure

40. HMS Belfast

41. Night View of Ca Ty River Bridge, Phan Thiet, Vietnam – Thanh D. Nguyen, 2012

42. GPI_6800_01471-Japan-doneTPZ.JPG — Night Photography

43. Night Life

44. GPI_2487.NEF: Shanghai, China – Night Photography – World Expo

45. Color of the Night

46. Noites da Candelária / Candelária Nights

47. Putrajaya Corporation Building Complex

48. Warsawa Palace of Culture

49. Night Life Photography

50. Sydney Opera House – Night Photography

51. Budapest by Night

52. Bright Lights, Vancouver

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