50+ Multi Colored VirtuMart Themes Gallery

VirtuMart is a graphic art theme that creates Joomla based templates so that a person can run ecommerce websites. It is an open e-commerce source and is an extension of Joomla. It is necessary to install a Joomla to use a VirtuMart theme and it is very easy to install the VirtuMart theme even for the beginners without any problem.

There is variety of impressive VirtueMart themes with unique designs at very competitive price. They can be edited and customized very easily and one can change color schemes, headers, fonts, navigational bars etc. The Virtue Mart themes provides variety of unique and trendy themes for an online store of any kind related to fashion, book stores, online pet stores and much more. It can easily be customized according to the specifics of your business. The VirtuMart themes feature the perfect designs and professional approach to its customers.

The themes listed below provide an impressive layout and usability. It helps to change the images, creates extra product categories, several galleries and different payment methods etc. It simply enhances your project to become successful.

Whether you are looking for personal website, portfolio site or any other e-commerce site the below given templates will surely catch your attention in an arresting way. There are professionally designed VirtuMart themes created and polished by experienced ecommerce designers. It provides the most functional and convenient environment for the ecommerce users in terms of performance.

1. Flower Shop

2. Tyre Shop

3. Image Store

4. Flower Store

5. Father Day

6. Gift Card

7. Sun Glasses

8. Fashion Desire

9. Divine Cosmetics

10. Flooring

11. Classic Tea

12. Jewelry Online Store

13. Winter Clothes

14. eMobile

15. Stelo Shoes

16. Valentine

17. Book Store

18. Pets Store

19. Tomato Ketchup

20. T-Shirt

21. Hair Care

22. Sewing

23. Dezzly Webcams

24. Digital Camera

25. My iPhone Store

26. Medical Accessories

27. Kitchen

28. Online Sports


29. Computer Shop

30. Summer Cloth

31. Online Furniture

32. Women Dress

33. Medical Store

34. Sports Store

35. Time Shop

36. Clothes 4 u

37. Online Gifts Shop

38. Gift Shop

39. Stationary Store

40. Hidden Fashion

41. Leather Black

42. Jeans

43.Kids Choice

44. Comics Store

45. Fish

46. Electronics

47. Diving Store

48. Fine Gold


50. Car Shop

51. Elite Cars

52. Ups and Generators

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