55+ Top Free iPhone Applications on Internet

iPhones are the multimedia smart phones that show many functions by the combination of many popular electronic gadgets in a single device when connected through internet. iPhone applications are designed especially for iPhone that allows better interaction in watching videos, accessing internet, listening to music, communicating with friends and even playing games.

The iPhone applications are available for free on the internet that you don’t need to spend a single cent to have amazing applications in your iPhone. The developers are dishing out tons of quality free applications on daily basis.

The iPhone application store contains many applications here we have posted the most addictive free applications. The selected iPhone applications have been rated on the performance, user’s ratings, expert’s reviews, and functional requirement. In the current generation iPhones have become a crazy gadget and with the increase demand of iPhone the demand for the number of iPhone applications also increases day by day. There are many applications available in the market that shows the importance and demand of iPhone and its applications.

So having free of applications everywhere, here we have also featured many free and useful applications. Few applications are available for free for just only a limited time span so in order to get these you have to act fast. Check out the list of top free iPhone applications below.

1. iBooks

2. Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks


4. Adobe Reader

5. Dragon Dictation

6. Job Search

7. HD Tattoo Designs Catalog

8. Lumosity Brain Trainer

9. NASA App

10. Netflix

11. Podcasts

12. IMDb Movies & TV

13. Hulu Plus

14. Bank of America – Mobile Banking

15. PayPal

16. American Express

17. Yahoo! Finance

18. Starbucks

19. Domino’s Pizza USA

20. Solitaire

21. Lose It!

22. WebMD

23. Horoscope

24. Amazon Mobile

25. eBay

26. Groupon

27. Target

28. LivingSocial

29. Walmart

30. Pandora Radio

31. Shazam

32. Spotify

33. MapQuest

34. Yellow Pages

35. NYTimes

36. CNN

37. Yahoo!

38. FOX News

39. BBC News

40. YouTube

41. Instagram

42. Snapchat

43. Dropbox

44. Gmail

45. Google Search

46. Facebook

47. Skype

48. Twitter

49. Pinterest

50. Myspace

51. WatchESPN

52. NBC Sports Live Extra

53. Google Earth

54. American Airlines

55. Yelp

56. United Airlines

57. Chrome

58. The Weather Channel

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