65+ Google Doodles on Demand for Inspiration

Google! Who on earth does not know what Google is? Definitely everyone is familiar with this word. Google is an autonomous search engine that provides interaction in all forms like through photos, email, blogging, video conferencing, social networking etc.

Google offers many better ways of drawings in people. One of the amazing drawing creativity has been most widely seen through Google doodles. The concept of Google was created since the time the company has been launched. Doodles have been so much liked by its users that the Google start showing up more and more regularly on its home page. Doodles actually bring fun to the Google home page and keeps on surprising its users through its spontaneous changes. The Google logos actually celebrate the holidays, anniversaries and other special events of some famous artists, pioneers and scientists that have set a remarkable discovery in the history.

Google keeps on updating its doodles regularly by celebrating some important events, day or person each year. The doodles are always very attractive whenever we see them and everyone enjoys these amazing images each time they browse through the internet. The Google doodle only remains for 24 hours and after that it is removed and can be easily available through searching on Google.

The demand of the doodles have so much risen that the team of talented illustrators or doodlers have been created. They put all their efforts to bring smile on to the faces of Google users whenever they visit the home page of Google. All the Google doodlers are now easily available and you can get the collection of these cool doodlers on the web. Are you ready for some latest Google doodles? Just have a look at these striking doodles and Enjoy!

1. 1st Day of School

2. 200th Anniversary of Spain’s Constitution

3. 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge

4. Antero de Quental’s 200th Birthday

5. Basketball

6. Carnival

7. Charles Dickens’ 200th Birthday

8. Chinese Arbor Day

9. Consuelo Velazquez’s 96th Birthday

10. Dominican Republic Independence Day

11. Grandparent’s Day 2012

12. Hungarian National Day

13. Israel Independence Day 2012

14. National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

15. Parent’s Day 2012

16. Persian New Year

17. Teachers’ Day 2012

18. 100th Anniversary- Rediscovery of Machu Picchu

19. 110th Anniversary of the Lisbon Tram

20. 150th Anniversary of Italian Unification

21. Argentina Elections

22. Bastille Day 2011

23. Chuseok

24. Dragon Boat Festival 2011

25. Dorothea MacKellar’s 126th Birthday

26. Faina Ranevskaya’s 115th Birthday

27. First Day of School

28. Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s 83rd Birthday

29. India Independence Day

30. National Thai Elephant Day

31. New Years Eve 2011

32. Romania National Day

33. Tanabata

34. Turkish National Day

35. Belize Independence Day

36. Canada Day

37. Holi Festival

38. Indonesia Independence Day

39. National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

40. Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday

41. Vivaldi’s Birthday

42. 150th Anniversary of Multatuli

43. 400th Anniversary of Galileo’s First Telescope

44. Australia Day

45. Bozena Nemcova’s Birthday

46. Day of the Dead

47. Grandparents’ Day

48. International Women’s Day

49. Jordan’s National Day

50. Mexico’s Independence Day

51. St. George’s Day

52. Teacher’s Day

53. 1000 Years of The Tale of Genji

54. Alexander Graham Bell’s Birthday

55. Anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest

56. European Football Championship

57. Morocco’s Independence Day

58. Venezuela Independence Day

59. MLK Jr. Day

60. Earth Day

61. Mozart’s Birthday

62. New Year’s Day

63. Persian New Year

64. Australia Day

65. Thanksgiving

66. Persian New Year

67. 50th Anniversary of Understanding DNA

68. Shichigosan

69. Halloween

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