70+ Striking Examples of Brochure Designs

Brochures are powerful tools that represent the brand image of any organization and make it appear as striking as possible. The design of the brochure must be clean and it should give a different look due to the broad range of its graphic elements. The brochure is designed through the use of images, text and symbols. In order to seek the user’s attention the brochure must look different and unique by application of different colors, typography, shape and size. It serves as a good marketing tool for any business. It works as the first impression for any company as it delivers the right message and reflects the positive image of any brand.

Mostly the brochures are designed in a rectangle or book shape along with text giving a very boring look. The contents of the brochure must be great and of high quality in order to steal the attention of the people by it attractive look by making it print by good company. Here we have presented some excellent brochure designs to sparkle your creativity. Just get inspired by this mentioned brochure as these represent the excellent example of brochure designs.

1. Hermes Interior Design (Print Design Portfolio) – CompanyFolders.com

2. ITOS Brochure

3. Brochure Spa

4. Arzanah Brochure Conceptby

5. Clinic Brochure

6. Brochure Design

7. Lawyers Brochure

8. 3 Fold PSD Brochure Template

9. Trifold Brochure

10. Brochures Pack

11. InvestLink Identity Design

12. Manuela Brochure

13. Mall Brochure

14. Emerald Brochure

15. Free Brochure Templates

16. Brochure

17. Brochure

18. Miami Art Centre Brochure

19. Payless Brochure

20. ADV Hygienic Brochure Cover

21. Brochure

22. Brochure Hyundai

23. UWI-MSB IT Course Brochure

24. Ferrari Brochure

25. Corporate Brochure

26. Business Brochures

27. Hekmah Brochure

28. Retroavenue Brochure

29. Polo Brochure Design

30. MineralKat Brochure

31. Imar Urban Brochure

32. Nissan Brochure

33. Brochure

34. CropLife Brochure

35. ABCI Corporate Brochure

36. Free Bi Fold Brochure Template

37. Glutamic Brochure Cover

38. Brochure

39. Rebellin Trifold Brochure

40. Purity Brochure Template

41. Al Shahine Brochure

42. Brochure

43. Products Brochures

44. Brochure

45. Corporate Pack Brochures

46. Pirax – Edu Consultant

47. Brochure

48. Trifold Brochure Template

49. Wireless Brochure

50. Free Tri-Fold Brochure

51. CIEM Brochure

52. Inoxta Brochure

53. UTS Brochure

54. Organic com. Brochure

55. GCA Logo Brochure

56. Tri Fold Brochure

57. Sesame Street Brochure

58. Elegant Brochure

59. Farmers Market Brochure

60. Product Brochure Presentation

61. ILI Brochure

62. Brochure

63. Company Brochure

64. Brochure Preview

65. Brochure Whity

66. Brochure

67. Set Brochure Trifold B.Card

68. Brochure – Spa

69. L’aldea Brochure

70. 3 Fold Product Brochure

71. Eleven Folder

72. Nokia 5700 Brochure

73. Brochure Travel agency

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